Social media offers businesses an invaluable opportunity to expand their reach and make meaningful connections with new customers and potential buyers. Carefully managed social media content is essential for generating buzz around your brand or product, converting leads into money-making conversions, and utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Unlock the power of social media today and start growing your business!

We are a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Let Grant Rimbi’s talented team of social media specialists and acclaimed connoisseurs craft, post and organize content on your social media accounts to get outstanding outcomes. Social media has become the heart of the online world: customers, consumers, participants and more flock to social media daily to express their opinion through likes, comments and messages. Our agency produces more than 150 posts per month across all the social platforms for our customers’ benefit, guaranteeing that your brand remains the focal point of the digital world.

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  • Review your current social media presence
  • Establish a social media presence, if you don’t currently have one
  • Strategize and plan out visual and written social content
  • Drive community engagement
  • Execute follower growth strategies
  • Respond to customer messages and questions

What you will get.

With Grant Rimbi, you can optimize your social media presence in every way! Our strategic reporting will identify areas of improvement and our daily monitoring of your accounts will ensure that you are always up-to-date. We even offer daily conversations with customers and potential fans so you are sure to capture their attention and drive growth for your brand and business. Don’t miss this opportunity! With majority spending over 2 hours on social media each day, now is the perfect time to join in on the conversation!

During the first step of our process, we gain access to your social media accounts, complete internal social audits, and begin building strategies to lay the foundation of our work.


  • Gain access to your current social media accounts or create new accounts
  • Conduct an internal social media audit
  • Create a social media content strategy
  • Create a social media follower growth strategy
  • Obtain access to your image gallery (if applicable)
  • Obtain brand guidelines and logo files
  • Schedule a Social Media Discovery call

Let's take the next step to ensure we both understand the vision and strive to meet the goals you have in mind. We propose setting up a Social Media Discovery call to discuss any expectations and agree on the terms. This way, it'll get the ball rolling, and we can start our work together.

  • Establish content guidelines
  • Review the one-off posting process
  • Determine the involvement (from the client) and approval process
  • Identify key holidays and events to post for
  • Create a plan to refresh your image gallery (if applicable)
  • Review a suggested content strategy
  • Review follower growth strategy
  • Contact Information
  • Profile Picture
  • Banner Image
  • Profile “Story” Highlight Images
  • Website Link
  • Company Bio

Once you've carefully crafted your social media strategy and implemented a few minor adjustments, we can begin to breathe life into your platforms via content creation and the implementation of supplementary strategies.

  • Conduct hashtag research to find the best keywords to amplify your brand
  • Create content calendars to stay on schedule and ensure frequent posting
  • Identify and capture images and create custom graphics
  • Craft engaging copy for all social media posts
  • Share the content calendar Grant Rimbi created with you and your team
  • Begin posting content upon your approval – This is based on the involvement decided during the Social Media Discovery call
  • Begin internal engagement to generate social buzz – This is based on the involvement decided during the Social Media Discovery call
  • Implement follower growth strategy to reach the masses – This is based on the involvement decided during the Social Media Discovery call

You Can Get the Results You Want!

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1. Schedule a 15-min call with Us

We’ll need to know each other a little bit before we can get to work.

2. Let us create a customized plan

Paying attention to your pain points, we’ll develop a plan specifically tailored to meet your goals.

3. We execute the plan together

This is where the fun starts. We implement the plan, keeping you up to speed from beginning to end.