Content Marketing

Connecting your customers and potential customers through captivating language is indispensable. More than three-quarters of internet users routinely peruse blog posts, searching for material that attracts their attention and satisfies their queries. Content marketing helps companies excel beyond their product offerings by cultivating faith and substantiating their standing in their respective fields.

Grant Rimbi + Content = Customers For Life.

Grant Rimbi is here to craft content that deeply resonates with your audience and keeps them coming back for more. Every month, our team will delve into research and conceive topics to create blog posts on. The number of posts produced is flexible depending on the package you decide to opt for – the more content generated, the better the results!

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Let us get your project off to a great start by delving into your blog and thoroughly studying your target audience. We will also examine industry trends and relevant terms to ensure that we capture your customers' interest. To lay the groundwork for successful completion of this project, we invite you to fill out an engaging Blog Discovery Form.

During the exploration stage, we strive to comprehend your dream and for you to recognize the labor we are executing. Furthermore, we will assess your filled-out Blog Discovery Form and create a detailed content plan. This step encompasses:

  • Conceptualization of blog post topics
  • Creation of a content strategy
  • Selection of blog post topics

Grant Rimbi is now ready to bring this strategy into effect. Our content experts are diligently working to create engaging blog posts, and selecting compelling images to supplement the written content. We are pleased to share the blog post links and accompanying visuals with your team.

Grant Rimbi's team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive Google Analytics report every month to assess the success of each blog post. Furthermore, all content is delivered to you monthly for your perusal.

Content Marketing Services Packages

Are you searching for a straightforward way to initiate your business's blog content? Our Standard Blog Content Generation package offers a solution, providing a few blog posts per month to get your page up and running!

  • Monthly reporting
  • One (1) graphic or stock image curation
  • Content generation
  • Ideation of five (5) topics
  • Industry buzzword research

Create an ongoing connection with your customers through our Business Blog Content Generation package – delivering frequent, compelling content that keeps them engaged. Not only do you get written content, but you also have a range of additional blog topics to choose from!

  • Industry buzzword research
  • Ideation of five (10) topics
  • Content generation
  • One (1) graphic or stock image curation
  • Monthly reporting

Are you prepared to become a go-to resource for your customers, providing valuable content beyond your product offerings? Our Premium Blog Content package is the perfect way to achieve this! It includes a comprehensive content strategy plan to ensure the continuity of your blog topics and content month after month.

  • Content strategy
  • Two (2) graphic or stock image curation
  • Content generation
  • Ideation of ten (10) topics
  • Industry buzzword research
  • Monthly reporting

Stay ahead of the game and make sure your customers know you're their go-to source for all the news and updates in your industry. Create timely one-off blog posts that relate to the current events or exciting happenings in the world to keep them informed and impressed. These offerings can be added on to any of the above Content Generation packages

  • Custom graphics or infographics
  • Publishing blog post(s) on your website
  • Social media post captions

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